Air Tube Systems

Lamson 750 Series

Take care of your hard earned cash!
Make operators more accountable via a printable audit trail.

Lamson 750 Series™ has a number of features, some of which are:

  • Time and date display
  • Insert PIN No., Register No. Station No. and $$ amount (all optional)
  • Real-time data logging and printable audit trails
  • Position in queue feature
  • Up to 275 operator PINs available
  • Service Mode – enables service personnel to check and find faults quickly
  • Parachute bag or hard carrier operation – sent direct to a vacuum sealed safe or laminated receiving cabinet
  • Parachute Bag systems do not require a secondary system to return empty carriers, a significant savings for the user.

Benefits of Lamson 750 series are:

  • Moves cash quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.
  • Keeps cash float to a minimum by regular send functions.
  • Reduces risk of armed holdup and possible staff or customer injury.
  • Parachute bag systems are much more reliable.

Current users: Coles, Franklins, Woolworths, Bunnings and many independent retailers.

Lamson Multisystem PTS 4000

In a hospital environment the laboratory, reception, blood centre, theatres, central pharmacy, pathology, care stations, nurses room, all types of documents, reports, patient histories, X-rays, medicines and drugs, lab specimens, blood plasma, injection vials and instruments are suitable to be transported in the pneumatic tube.

The PTS 4000 sending-and receiving-stations are based on a concept that has been perfectly adapted to the demands of a modern hospital. The standard of the PTS 4000 includes a storage facility for automatic dispatch, pneumatic brakes to decelerate the arriving carriers and various speeds can be individually adjusted for transporting delicate goods.

In compliance with the health regulations, there is no air exhaust during the sending and receiving operations. The central PC automatically controls the entire operation. Recording the processes enables an exact evaluation and analysis.

St Vincents Hospital Melbourne: Tibor Novak, Project Manager

“I would like to express my satisfaction with the services provided during installation, testing, commissioning and training of the Pneumatic Chute system. Attitude, professionalism and technical skill of the installation team was outstanding and deserves recognition. Your company demonstrated a perfect example of how a good quality technical system can be implemented by employing high quality and well trained personnel.”

Lamson Whizair

Whizair is used for connecting any two workplace locations. The System readily adapts to new or existing work sites. Installation can be in-ground, above ground, within false ceiling confines or even wall cavities.


  • Low cost
  • Reliable
  • Hot or cold payload
  • Range of carrier sizes to fit your payload
  • Optional remote monitoring
  • Simple one-step, push button operation
  • Tube diameter: 60mm–300mm
  • Material: heavy duty PVC or steel
  • Weight: 1kg, 2.5kg, 5 kg


  • Operates quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.
  • Transfers cash, documents, spare parts, laboratory samples etc. etc.
  • Return of investment is quick and on going.

Current users: BHP, Comalco, Gladstone Smelter, BTR, Pioneer, Shell Oil, Sulphade Corp, Drill Corp, Tomago Aluminium,
Sydney City Toyota, Greater Union, Readymix, Boral, Pronto, Kodak, Benara Nursery (WA)
and numerous others.

Casino System - C.A.S.T.

Lamson C.A.S.T. – Casino Automated Secure Transfer system developed by Lamson for the gaming industry. It comprises of an Airtube System which uses compressed air to transport objects through tubes from one location to another, effectively linking gaming areas to Cash Cages and Count Rooms. Gaming table “drop” boxes are replaced with a patented carrier that is electronically monitored throughout its route by RFID Technology.

  • C.A.S.T – can transport  notes , coin , cards , documents , fills and credits.
  • C.A.S.T. – system has been designed and manufactured by Lamson and is patented worldwide.

Jupiters Casino: Berni Keefe, Compliance Manager

“Since the implementation of CAST in August 2001, Conrad Jupiters has achieved not only a reduction on operating costs and improvement in the security funds, but our stated objective of providing seamless customer service. The use of this technology has resulted in an enhanced customer experience as well as providing an efficient alternative to a previously manual process.”


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